Remembering Uncle Colin

Colin Jamieson

With great sadness that I’m sharing the news of Great Uncle Colin’s passing on November 28, 2013 just before 4pm at St. Pat’s. His daughters, Glenna, Robyn, and Nancy have been home in Newfoundland for the last little while, and have been by their father’s side through everything with the support of family.

Times like these are melancholy, but also filled with reflection and I have been no exception to that rule over the last number of days. When I was young, Glenna’s son and I were very close – we spent summers together in Swift Current, we were a trick or treating duo at Halloween, and also got into the occasional mischief.

I vividly remember sleepovers that usually included renting a VHS, a fun-style supper, and pumping up an air mattress to watch the film on in the middle of the living room. Uncle Colin and Auntie Joan were often there in the background – smiling and always pleasant – they shared one of the most genuine connections and love that I’ve ever seen. I remember Uncle Colin always sitting in a comfy chair, much the same as I imagine my grandfather would have been, taking in the warmth of the family scene.

He was quiet, and in those times – being a child – I didn’t take pause to really develop what you’d consider a deep connection. But, as I got older that changed. I got into the habit of religiously looking for and picking up new issues of 50 Plus, a newspaper that Uncle Colin edited and published for years, every time I was at a supermarket. I was in my early teens and hardly the target audience, but I sought it out with a sense of pride because was a publication my very own Uncle produced and even recall showing it off and telling others about it because of that.

Our relationship further evolved when I started research for the documentary I’d eventually make about his brother, my grandfather. I knew the two of them had been involved in the inner-workings of operating CJON, but I learned so much more through that process. The hour and a half that we shared conversing about our family for that film will always be a treasured time for me, and I’m sorry that it was so late in life that it occurred.

He told me about how they were interested in drama and theatre when they were young, and how he would produce plays my grandfather wanted to be in. Uncle Colin talked about their days of making News Cavalcade together, the behind-the-scenes preparation, and his memories of my grandfather during those times. Uncle Colin loved the thrill of broadcasting, he was wholly invested in publishing, and enjoyed theatre as a young man. I learned we had way more in common than I ever imagined.

I trust that both he and Auntie Joan are now reunited. The two of them probably have dinner plans with my grandparents, Barbara and Don – breaking out the brandy and sherry, sharing a cigar and many great memories.


St. John’s International Film Festival Official Selection – Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson

SJIWFF-laurels-2012The screening details for Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson are out! The documentary was made an official selection of the St. John’s International Film Festival which runs from October 16 to 20.  The festival programming committee considered more than 400 submissions, of which 45 were made official selections.  A dozen of them come from Newfoundland and Labrador and Just Himself is lucky enough to be one of them.

The documentary kicks off a lunchtime doc series, and will screen at the LSPU Hall on Wednesday, October 17 starting at 12:30pm.  Tickets are on sale now for $10-$12 from the LSPU Hall box office.  Book your seats today – click here for information on how! If you want to see this film on the big screen, this might be your last chance!

Just Himself inside this week’s Newfoundland Herald!

The press page has been updated to include a new piece written by Pam Pardy Ghent in the April 1 to 7, 2012 issue of The Herald, which was released today! Click the image below to check out the four page PDF! (Please note that the article mentions Donna is Joshua Jamieson’s mom, however it is Debby).


Just Himself producer/director, Joshua Jamieson on Out of the Fog – January 16, 2012

Thanks to the folks at Rogers TV for helping us get this clip on the official Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson website! Here’s the documentary film’s director, producer and writer, Joshua Jamieson, having a chat with Out of the Fog host, Josh Pennell!

Help nominate Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson for a Gemini!

We’ve setup a campaign on IndieGoGo to help get Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson nominated for a Gemini!

With the deadline for nominations coming up in April 2012, we’re planning and preparing a ‘single program’ nomination for the 27th annual Gemini Awards. This includes 1 program category nomination (Best Biography Documentary Program) and 2 craft / performance category nominations. The funds raised will help cover the costs associated with the nomination process outlined by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television ( and any administrative fees related to this goal.

Check out the campaign webpage here to learn more about the project, share the campaign with friends, follow updates or contribute!

Air date confirmed for Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson

NTV agreed to broadcast Just Himself: the story of Don Jamieson back in July 2010 and they’ve now confirmed an air date!  The documentary will premiere on NTV (CJON-DT) Sunday, October 30 at 2:30pm NL time (1pm Eastern).

The broadcast will be available to Newfoundland and Labrador cable channel 5, or 404 for Bell Aliant HD subscribers and channel 521 for Rogers HD subscribers. The station will start promos soon!

More Film Festival Submissions for Just Himself!

Canada-International-Film-FestivalJust Himself: the story of Don Jamieson has been submitted to a few more film festivals in Canada and the United States.  We’re contenders for selection at the Canada International Film Festival in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Cleveland-International-Film-FestivalThe documentary has also been submitted to two more festivals internationally – the Cleveland International Film Festival, celebrating films that are all about education, entertainment and a celebration of the human experience, which is from March 22 – April 1, 2012.

True-False-Film-FestivalJust Himself was also sent to the True/False Film Festival in Columbia, Missouri, which focuses on the documentary genre. That one will take place from March 1 – 4, 2012.