A man in full – Don Jamieson documentary showing at St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival by Craig Westcott
Published October 2012 in The Newfoundlander


The Story of Don Jamieson – Just Himself by Pam Pardy Ghent
Published April 1 to 7, 2012 at and in The Newfoundland Herald

Herald-Just-Himself-Mar-26-2012-coverPortrait of Don by Shirley Newhook
Published February 1, 2012 at The Telegram

Just-Himself-Jamieson-Telegram-Feb-1Telling Papa’s story by Tara Bradbury
Published October 29, 2011 at The Telegram
Grandson makes film about Don Jamieson’s life
Topics: Canadian Association of Broadcasters, Privy Council Chambers, Newfoundland, Canada, Ottawa

Though he was just three years old when his “Papa” died, Joshua Jamieson grew up familiar with his grandfather, Don Jamieson. He knew he was a well-known broadcaster and politician and had heard vague stories about him meeting the queen, but was never quite clear on some of the tinier details — like, for example, that the declaration of Canada’s 200-mile fishing limit had been signed on the kitchen table on which he had been eating dinner his entire life. … more

Grandson showcases Don Jamieson’s Legacy by Kevin Kelly
Published October 23, 2011 at and in The Newfoundland Herald

Just-Himself-Herald-Oct-2011-THUMBDocumentary by Memorial alumni explores life of Don Jamieson by David Penney
Published September 7, 2011 at

Joshua Jamieson’s new film about the life of his grandfather, popular federal politician and broadcasting pioneer Don Jamieson, recently premiered at the Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation at Memorial University.

Just Himself: The Don Jamieson Story is a project that has taken the filmmaker on a personal and professional journey.

When the idea starting taking shape three years ago… more

Joshua Jamieson – At Home Here in Newfoundland & Labrador


5 thoughts on “Press

  1. I recently spoke on behalf of my family and in particular my father in an acceptance speech for the re-naming of the Innovation Center at Memorial, the building in which you launched your documentary. My Dad also recieved a business hall of fame and Order of NL awards this year. Few know that as a high school student in downtown toronto my father was selected to go on a national tour and was also appointed the spokesperson for the group on their cross canada journey. Thus he came here to “young” newfoundland in 1953 and was interviewed by Don Jamieson. It was recorded and we became aware of it not very long ago. Perhaps in an ironic twist, DJ asked young Angus if he thought he may return to Newfoundland some time, and he pondered it for a while and said he thought he would. . . I wonder if it influenced his decision to come here as a young Dean of engineering in 1968 . . .?

    • Thanks for the interest Wayne! NTV will be re-airing the film twice a year from now until 2013 and we will be releasing a DVD, hopefully before Christmas 2011!

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